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August 1, 2016

Importance of Dog Seat Belts

If your dog rides in your car, you will most likely just make them stay in back of your car without any seat belts. But there are areas with regulations requiring dogs riding in cars to wear seat belts. With or without regulations, it is a good practice to put a seat belt on your dog when riding with you in your car. And it is a responsible act for a person to put a seat belt on a dog as an act of love for them.

If the car suddenly stops or if the car is involved in an accident, you dog will not be thrown off somewhere. They will also be prevented from hitting hard objects like a window or a seat. Their difference with humans is they don’t have the ability to grip something and stay in the seat. If a seat belt designed for dogs restrains them, they are more likely to stay protected in any situation.

There are dogs who can easily ride in cars or trucks, but there are dogs who do not ride well in moving vehicles. Dogs follow their masters wherever they go, so if you need to go down your car, you dog will surely follow you unless they are wearing a seat belt. You dog car run around and not obey your commands and put his life in danger getting hit by another car or he may refuse to go back inside the car.
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IF you are injured in an accident you will not be able to control your frightened or angry dog. It is beneficial to restrain a dog so that emergency personnel can help them.
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An active dog will be all over the car, climbing seats and disturbing you while you are driving. With a seat belt, the dog will understand that he has to behave inside the car. You need to be prepared with a distraction like toys or chewable treats so in case they feel uncomfortable being restrained, they can focus their minds on other things. Positive association is best so the dog will not think the being restrained is being punished.

If you are taking a long trip, bringing a dog in a crate can be uncomfortable after a while. With a seat belt, your dog will have a good position which allows him to get a good view outside and see what is going on and enjoy the experience. The seat belt also allows him to shift position and be comfortable in his seat while you are driving.

Be responsible and keep your dog restrained while inside the car. It benefits you, your dog and other motorists. It is not a punishment but a safety and security measure for your dog. Consider the safety of your dog when they travel with you; secure him with a seat belt.